Mike Edwards

Mike Edwards, President and CEO

Rev. Mike Edwards heads City Mission Ministries, the umbrella organization that operates theCity Mission of Las Vegas as well as missions in San Bernardino and Riverside, California.

Before launching City Mission Ministries, Mike served for 25 years as program director, president and then CEO of the Los Angeles Mission. There, he supervised the construction of a $31 million intercity mission building that now serves 250 men in rehab and over 2,500 emergency service guests per day.

Mike Edwards is a graduate of Kentucky Mountain Bible College. He has served as an elder and commissioned evangelist in the Church of the Nazarene for more than three decades. He and his wife Barbara have been married for over 37 years and have two children.


Jackie Davis

Jackie Davis, Director

Since she was very young, Jackie’s passion has been to take care of the needy—to teach them, give them tools to better their lives, and introduce them to Jesus Christ. So she was thrilled to help found the the City Mission of Las Vegas, where needy people could receive a hot meal, a safe place to rest, a warm blanket, a pair of shoes and a bit of dignity.

Before that, Jackie worked with the San Diego Rescue Mission, Orange County Rescue Mission, and San Fernando Rescue Mission. She moved furniture, cleaned restrooms, led Bible Studies, bandaged wounded men, drove BIG trucks, and held lonely seniors as they cried. She was grateful for the woman who gave $5,000—and got really excited when a child sold his toys at a yard sale to raise $10 for the hungry. It’s all part of helping the helpless. And that's where Jackie’s heart is.


Corrie Keener

Corrie Keener, Vice President of Operations and Special Events

Corrie works in our central office and distribution center, managing special events and processing gift-in-kind donations.  Before coming to the Mission in 1997, she worked in a group home for abused children. She was raised in church and accepted Christ at age six. Corrie earned a BA in counseling and psychology from Christian Heritage College. She and her husband Ken have three children. 


Cookie Gomez

Cookie Gomez, Outreach Coordinator

Each day finds Cookie preparing food for the poor, sharing devotions, distributing clothing, and praying with Mission guests. She oversees our  outreach meals and coordinates volunteer activities. She also handles distribution of Family Food Boxes and gift-in-kind solicitations. Before joining the Mission staff, Cookie worked as a customer relations professional for 15 years. She has been a Christian since 1984, and was active in Victory Outreach where she received a certification in evangelism. At her church she worked with children’s church and was president of the women’s ministry. She is married and has four grown children.


Leo Gomez

Leo Gomez, Operations and Program Manager

Leo is responsible for loading the truck and setting up at our Outreach sites, where he also teaches devotions, ministers the Word, and does personal counseling. He oversees our cold storage operations, inventory of food and supplies, and building and vehicle maintenance. Leo is a certified upholsterer, with extensive experience as a painter and handyman. After receiving Christ as his personal Savior, he graduated from Victory Outreach where he did studies in theology and preaching. He also served as a Sunday School teacher and worship leader. Leo is married to Cookie and has four children.


Board of Directors

Dr. Mike Boswith, Chairman
Senior Pastor, Huntington Beach Community Church

Dr. Mike Pratt, Secretary/Treasurer

Mr. Todd Jones, Board Member
Manager, Siemens Corporation

Mr. Don Wingfield, Board Member

Mike Edwards, President and CEO