Women at Risk

What's it like for a woman living on the street?

Denise remembers ...

"The biggest problem was hygiene," she says. "There was no place to clean up." Every day, Denise would have to use the restroom in a fast food restaurant—or borrow somebody's water hose to clean herself.

Denise stayed in a homeless shelter for a while. But that was almost worse than the streets. "Drugs were everywhere," she recalls. "The women were always fighting. All my stuff was stolen. It was dangerous. I had to leave."

Now at last, Denise has found a place to live. And she's volunteering at our Community Outreach meals—helping other hungry, homeless women.


But what about the women
still struggling to survive?

They're exposed to violence and danger every day. They're going hungry. They suffer with all kinds of health problems. At night they must brave the cold. During the day, they have no shelter from the heat—or the cruel stares of people passing by.

We must help them.

Jackie Davis, Director

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