Sponsor a Food Drive

You can help us right where you are by sponsoring your own food drive. The food items you collect will bless hungry people right away.

Here are some tips to help you sponsor a successful food drive:

  1. Set the dates: Three weeks is usually a good amount of time for your food drive. Don't forget to remind people as the end date gets closer.
  2. Set a goal: How much food would you like to collect? Consider how many donors you have and how much you expect to collect from each one. (One food item from each donor is a good rule of thumb.)
  3. Select a collection site: Make sure your site is convenient and highly visible.
  4. Advertise: Hand out flyers, use email, posters, anything that will help get the word out.
  5. Be creative: Give prizes for most food collected, or hold an event where the cost of admission is food. Come up with your own creative ideas to meet your goals.
  6. Celebrate: Thank your participants and announce your success as you meet your goals!
Volunteers conducting a food drive for the City Mission

If you'd like to sponsor a food drive but still have questions, email us lvcitymission@aol.com.

We'll advise you on what we need now and how you can produce your own flyers.