What it means to be “food insecure”

Have you ever looked in your refrigerator and said, Aw, there’s nothing to eat?

Most of us have.

Of course, there’s really food there. It’s just not ready to serve. Or it’s not what we were craving at that moment.

Empty refrigerator

But some people look in their refrigerators—and there literally is nothing to eat.

They’re not starving to death. They may have eaten yesterday. Or the day before. But today they’ll have to try to find food somewhere.

And they can’t be sure about tomorrow.

That’s called food insecurity—the lack of adequate nourishment on either a constant or occasional basis.

There are more than 297,000 people suffering from food insecurity right here in the Las Vegas Valley. That's 15 percent of the population.


Here's something worse: 40 percent of them are children.

What does that mean for the the people who live with this condition every day?

It means they often go to bed hungry. Skipping meals becomes a normal part of life. And finding food just for the day is a constant preoccupation.

But the long-term impact of food insecurity is even worse. It lowers energy and makes it hard to work or do anything productive. It makes people susceptible to disease. Children stop attending school. When they do attend, they can’t concentrate—so they fail.

Perhaps worst of all, food insecurity makes people feel ashamed, devalued, and hopeless.


It’s hard to hear about these things without saying, Someone needs to do something!

Woman eating at the City Mission

Well, at the City Mission, we’re doing something.

We’re feeding the hungry in three ways:

  1. We host regular sit-down meals for the homeless and poor.
  2. We deliver Family Food Boxes for seniors, shut-ins, and poor families.
  3. We offer visitors Bags of Hope, filled with food to supplement their groceries at home. 

We're sharing the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ. But we're also demonstrating it by helping people with their immediate needs.


Would you like to help us in this work? You can.


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